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Experience Thicker, Fuller, Healthier Hair In Minutes A Day!

🎯 Apply oil precisely avoiding waste

💆‍♀️ Prevent & reverse hair thinning

💜 All in one growth-promoting therapies

✅ Suits all kinds of hair types & styles 

Simple Steps To Outstanding Results

Charge & Fill:
Ensure your Scalpure is fully charged and ready to go. Simply top it up with your favorite hair oil and let the journey to a revitalized scalp begin.

Personalize Your Care:
Customize your scalp treatment with Scalpure’s easy settings. Choose from Vibration + Red Light for a full treatment, just Red Light for a gentle soothe, or Vibration only for a stimulating massage.

Effortless & Even Application:
Experience precision oil application with Scalpure as it seamlessly distributes oil directly to the roots, ensuring every strand is evenly nourished without waste or mess. Enjoy not only the perfect amount of hydration but also a soothing massage that promotes relaxation without over-oiling your scalp.

Simple Cleaning:
Scalpure's IPX5 water-resistant build makes it effortless to clean. A quick rinse is all it takes to refresh your device, ready for its next soothing session.

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Upgrade Your Scalp Care Routine

Scalpure enhances your hair care routine with three science-backed therapies designed to promote scalp health and hair growth. 

Its precise oil application system evenly delivers the perfect amount of oil to the roots, ensuring optimal nourishment. The 625nm red light therapy stimulates hair growth by energizing scalp cells and extending hair follicles' growth phase. 

Additionally, Scalpure’s vibration feature boosts blood circulation, enriching the scalp with essential nutrients and offering a relaxing massage. Together, these features create a healthier scalp environment and encourage robust hair growth, all in one easy-to-use device.

Perfect Oil Application

Scalpure redefines the way you apply oil to your hair, eliminating the common pitfalls of manual application. Its precision delivery system ensures that oil reaches your scalp and roots evenly, providing just the right amount of nourishment without the risk of over-oiling. 

Over-oiling can lead to clogged follicles and exacerbate scalp issues like dandruff and hair loss; Scalpure’s controlled application prevents these problems by dispensing a measured amount of oil. This not only promotes optimal scalp health but also conserves your precious oils, preventing waste and avoiding the mess typically associated with traditional oiling methods. 

Embrace a cleaner, more efficient way to nourish your scalp with Scalpure, where technology meets hair care innovation.

Before & After

  • Megan G.

    "I’ve been struggling with hair loss so I purchased this massager to help apply oil to my scalp. I love the red light therapy and massage it provides as well. I am finally seeing a noticeable growth and thickness in my hair and the spot that grows funny on my scalp."

  • Sofia M.

    "That's just what I was looking for, it gets the job done. It dispenses just the right amount of oil on my scalp, no more mess. The results speak for themselves. I highly recommend it."

  • Fernanda R.

    "I got my hands scalpure, and honestly, it's been pretty helpful with my hair care routine. It's neat because it dispenses the oil directly to my roots and gives my scalp a nice little massage, which I think really helps with absorption. Overall it made my scalp feel and look a lot healthier!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Scalpure uses gentle vibrations combined with even oil distribution and red light therapy to stimulate the scalp, promote blood flow, and help nutrients reach hair follicles. This not only helps in promoting hair growth but also soothes scalp issues like dandruff and itchiness.

How often should i use it?

For best results, we recommend using it for at least 15 minutes everyday.

What kind of oils should i use with it?

Scalpure is compatible with most hair oils. We recommend using Rosemary oil and Jojoba oil, which have proven hair restoring properties.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, Scalpure is IPX5 waterproof, making it safe to use in the shower for a relaxing scalp massage and very easy to clean!

Does it suit my hair?

Absolutely! Scalpure is suitable for all hair types and textures. It’s especially beneficial for those with scalp concerns or those who want to promote hair growth.