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Loosh Hair Bonnet

Loosh Hair Bonnet

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Perfect Addition to Your Blumi Hair Care Routine 💜

🌙 Reduces Friction: Prevents breakage and frizz, maintaining smoothness and strength.

💧 Retains Moisture: Locks in moisture from the Blumi Rosemary Hair Oil, keeping hair soft and shiny.

💤 Protects Styles: Preserves hairstyles overnight, ensuring manageability and style. 

The "Magic" Of The Loosh Bonnet

Nightly Hair Protection: Ever wonder why your hair feels rough and tangled after a good night's sleep? The Loosh Hair Bonnet, crafted from premium satin, cradles your strands, protecting them from the friction caused by pillow contact, preserving smoothness and shine.

Moisture Lock-In: Ideal for use after applying leave-in treatments and oils, our satin bonnet helps maintain hair's moisture balance, promoting hydration and encouraging healthy hair growth.

Frizz and Breakage Defense: Experience the difference with the Loosh Hair Bonnet! Its gentle satin fabric minimizes frizz and reduces hair breakage, so you can wake up to healthier, more manageable hair every morning.

How And When To Use

Wear the satin Loosh Hair Bonnet both during your relaxation time at home and through the night!

This bonnet is not only incredibly cool and comfortable but also crucial for protecting, nourishing, and promoting hair growth.

Following your Scalpure treatment or any other hair care routine, the Loosh Hair Bonnet effectively seals in the benefits, enhancing growth and restoration.

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